Dash for Dinner

Cilantro Lime Salmon

Easy Sheet Pan Dinner Idea!

Who knew you could have a healthy dinner of salmon and veggies that is so easy to prep!?  Made on a sheet pan and cooked for just 10 minutes, you'll want to include this on the meal plan!

Let’s get started!

Prep the veggies and salmon


Chop the peppers and onion and place it on a baking sheet. Nestle in 4 salmon fillets.

Prepare the marinade


Combine olive oil, spices, lime juice, honey, and cilantro in a small bowl.

Add to the salmon & veggies


Pour the marinade on top of the salmon and vegetables.



Broil the salmon and veggies for 10 minutes, or until the fish flakes easily with a fork.

Serve and enjoy!


Serve your cilantro lime salmon with bell peppers with cauliflower rice, basmati, or your favorite side dishes.

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Dash for Dinner