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Cheesy Vegetable Casserole

Made with frozen vegetables!

This easy recipe for Cheesy Vegetable Casserole is made with frozen veggies and a simple sauce. Topped with crispy fried onions for a delicious crunch!

Let’s get started!

Make the sauce


Combine the milk, condensed cheese soup, and seasonings to a medium-sized bowl.

Add in cheese + veggies


Stir in the cheese, as well as the frozen vegetables.

Top with cheese


Transfer the cheese sauce and veggies to a casserole dish, then top with cheese.



Bake the casserole until hot and bubbly.

Top with fried onions


Top with crispy fried onions, then return to the oven to bake until they are warmed through and crisp.

Serve and enjoy!


Allow the casserole to cool for about 5 minutes, then serve and enjoy!

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